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ith Tom McLaughlin

I remember the moment I stepped into his shop like it was yesterday. Hundreds of  furniture patterns lined the walls, classic machinery arranged in the middle, well worn hand tools laying beside artsy furniture parts on workbenches, and ahhh, the wonderful fragrance of antiquity. At the center of it all was the talented and gracious, 73 yr old master craftsman P. A. “Pug” Moore.

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I never imagined that visit would lead to an apprenticeship with him, for what turned into three amazing years together, side by side. Now 25 years and hundreds of custom furniture pieces later, I see the positive impact that humble man had on my life. Having a mentor like Pug Moore moved me forward so much further and faster than I could have gone alone — not to mention it was a lot more fun sharing the experience together. And this is where you come in…

Epic Woodworking was formed in order to open my shop doors to you. Step in for a while —  whether online or on-site — find a place at the workbench, and share some creative moments with me in this wonderful craft. You may just be interested in hanging out, or making a piece for friends and family, or going even deeper. But wherever it leads, I hope we find ourselves making something more beautiful of our lives. Thanks, Tom

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Video Content

Video iconDo it Yourself Shelf Time Lapse

Video iconCherry Half-round Desk

Video iconLive-edge Walnut Countertop

Video iconWoodfinishing Techniques

Video iconThe Banquette Project

Video iconDesigning Furniture

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Tom McLaughlin is back for Season 6 as a 3-episode “regular” on Public Television’s Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac (pictured below). Check your local listings to watch Tom and Tommy collaborating again on episodes 2, 7 and 13. If you’re not sure if Rough Cut shows in your area, click here for a Station Finder tool. 

Rocking Chair episode

Tom McLaughlin in front of the shop. CLICK the image to hear him talk about the style of learning you’ll experience at Epic Woodworking. 

In-Shop Classes

Come spend some time in the shop with Tom. Get your hands in the dust, working the wood, shaping the curves, cutting the angles, sanding the rough spots — create something, together. In fact, attend with a friend and you’ll each enjoy 10% off the class fee. In addition, we’re waiving the registration fee this year for everyone, so this is the time to take a class!

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There are class opportunities for all levels of learners — beginners, intermediates and advanced. Most of the classes are taught by Tom, with Terry Moore, Tom’s long time friend and fellow craftsman from the NH Furniture Masters, covering a couple.

Have limited time available? Take a 1-day or 2-day class over a weekend. Plan ahead and sign up now so it’s on the calendar as protected time. You will be so glad you did. Click here to peruse the opportunities being offered.

CLICK the image below to hear a 90-second invitation from Tom to view a sample of one of the live sessions so you can get a sense for Tom’s pace and style of instruction.

Live Stream Learning with TomCraftsman Rocking Chair image7

Join Tom for Live Streaming learning events offering step-by-step instruction, as well as a Live Q&A session where he will address viewer questions live. The current project — a Craftsman Style Rocking Chair as pictured here — is currently running for 6 weeks, Saturday morning at 10:00 AM EST, January 9 – February 13, 2016.

It’s never too late to join as all the events are archived. Watching the recorded material has a flavor of real time learning as Tom personably walks through each step of the process.

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Are you a beginner, or unsure of your skill readiness? No worries! This experience is like a “virtual apprenticeship” you can participate in right where you are — skill wise and location wise.

Even if you don’t physically build the chair along with Tom, you will learn techniques and tips with him as your guide. Though specific to the chair project, what you learn will be replicable as you grow in your skills.Watch the sample above and you’ll get a sense of this as Tom makes accessible the difficult topic of angled tenons.

As a added bonus, if you can’t participate in the Live stream every time, you will have access to the archives of the episodes to refer to in the future. Even though you’re not watching live, you’ll feel the spirit of the real time engagement Tom brings to the experience in his preparation and knowledge.

Click here to sign up, or if you need more information, visit the Live Stream page.

NOTE: this chair design is a slightly revised version to the one presented on Rough Cut with Tommy Mac. It has a 4½“ higher back to accommodate taller sitters, appropriately adapted backrest for greater comfort, and increased curvature on the rockers for optimal rocking. Click on the image below to watch the episode from Season 5 where Tom McLaughlin and Tommy Mac discuss the construction of a similar rocking chair.