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I remember the moment I stepped into his shop like it was yesterday. Hundreds of  furniture patterns lined the walls, classic machinery arranged in the middle, well worn hand tools laying beside artsy furniture parts on workbenches, and ahhh, the wonderful fragrance of antiquity. At the center of it all was the talented and gracious, 73 yr old master craftsman P. A. “Pug” Moore.

I never imagined that visit would lead to an apprenticeship with him, for what turned into three amazing years together, side by side.

Now 25 years and hundreds of custom furniture pieces later, I see the positive impact that humble man had on my life. Having a mentor like Pug Moore moved me forward so much further and faster than I could have gone alone — not to mention it was a lot more fun sharing the experience together. And this is where you come in…

Epic Woodworking was formed in order to open my shop doors to you. Step in for a while —  whether online or on-site — find a place at the workbench, and share some creative moments with me in this wonderful craft.

You may just be interested in hanging out, or making a piece for friends and family, or going even deeper. But wherever it leads, I hope we find ourselves making something more beautiful of our lives.



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Tom McLaughlin in front of the shop in Canterbury, NH
Tom McLaughlin in front of the shop in Canterbury, NH

In the Media

Tom McLaughlin has been invited to back this season to be a 3-episode “regular” on Public Television’s Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac. The first of the projects Tommy and Tom bring to viewers is of a Kitchen Leaf Table. Click here for a brief write up about the show, and to view the Episode 2 teaser.

In many areas around the country you can watch Episode 2 this weekend. For those in the New England area here are a couple opportunities:

•  Saturday, October 10 at 4:30 PM on New Hampshire Public Television – NHPTV Prime
•  Saturday, October 10 at 5:00 PM on Boston Public Television – WGBH 2
Tom is also a guest on Episodes 7 and 13. Check your local listings.  If you’re not sure if Rough Cut shows in your area, click here for a Station Finder tool.


Video Content

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