Finishing Curly Maple

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How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board, Part 1

How to Make an End Grain Cutting Board, Part 2

Sharpening, Tuning, and
Using a Handplane

How to Sharpen A Card Scraper

Gluing Up a Tabletop

Making an Octagonal Post

Barn Beam Bed, Part 1

Barn Beam Bed, Part 2

Barn Beam Bed, Part 3

Wood Texturing Effect Technique

Refinishing Tips

NH Chronicle visits Epic

Rough Cut episode:
Craftsman Style Rocking Chair

Rough Cut episode:
Outdoor Swing

Rough Cut episode:
Kitchen Leaf Table

Rough Cut episode:
Library Chair

Carving a Lambs Tongue Detail

Making a Jig for Shaping Curves

Do-it-Yourself Shelf – Time Lapse

Making a Cherry Half-round Desk

Live-edge Walnut Countertop

Making the Banquettes, Part 1:
Material Selection

Making the Banquettes, Part 2:
Furniture Design

Making the Banquettes, Part 3:
Woodfinishing Techniques